Lithuanian Karaims as an object of scientific inquiries have merited a lot of attention from researchers. A selected bibliography of publications in Lithuanian, Karaim and foreign languages is presented on this website.

The ongoing investigations cover various fields of Karaim studies. Eva Csato Johanson (Sweden), Henryk Jankowski (Poland), Michal Nemeth (Poland), Zsuzsana Olach (Hungary) are researching on Karaim language.

Tapani Harviainen (Finland) is investigating different aspects of Karaim communities and their heritage in religious fieldRiikka Tuori (Finland) is dedicating her research to religious poetry from Karaim prayer books.

Karina Firkaviciute is investigating Karaim music tradition. Mariola Abkowicz is looking into anthroponomy of Karaims.

In 2010 a workshop on Karaim studies took place in Uppsala under the initiative of prof. Eva Csato Johanson. Her report on the workshop presents an updated overview of this domain with an exhaustive list of scientific publications. Next workshop is foreseen to take place in June 2014 in Szeged (Hungary).

Tapani Harviainen https://tuhat.halvi.helsinki.fi/portal/en/persons/tapani-harviainen(ef96b97e-5545-4ccd-9574-43d9b30f57d4).html

Riikka Tuori https://tuhat.halvi.helsinki.fi/portal/en/persons/riikka-tuori(fe817bd1-357a-4c22-88c8-6e9a041a4c71).html

Zsuzsana Olach https://u-szeged.academia.edu/ZsuzsannaOlach

Eva Csato Johanson http://www.turkiclanguages.com/www/EvaCsato.html

Michal Nemeth https://jagiellonian.academia.edu/MichałNémeth

Henryk Jankowski https://amu.academia.edu/HenrykJankowski