Days left until the beginning of the karaims year 2022…

Kiop chabarlar biź ėšiťtik,

Ki bar karyndašlarymyz

Biuriaľmiaktiań astry biezip,

Kajtma kliagieďliar mioro biź.

Simonas Firkovicius (1897-1982)

We’ve heard the many rumours

That all our brothers

Tired of wandering

Wish to return, just like us.

Simonas Firkovicius (1897-1982)

2022 – the year of karaims of Lithuania

Here you can find out about upcoming events in 2022 year.


30 years for the revival of karaims of Lithuania (1988 – 2018)

The road of karaims culture and history in Vilnius

Objects related to the karaims in Vilnius

Karaim language in singing

The recent Community project is introducing a possibility to learn the Karaim language by singing (we thank the Lithuanian Department for national minorities for its support).

Folk ensemble of karaims – “Birlik”

“KYBYNLAR” – restaurant of traditional karaites’ cuisine

Karaimų g. 29, 21104 Trakai, Lithuania
Phone: + 370 528 55179, Mob.: +370 698 06320

Two cozy rooms of 50 seats decorated with specific Karaims ornaments and an open-air terrace of 150 seats welcome you for a pleasant and original experience. You can taste many delicious Karaims dishes here made of different vegetables, meat (lamb, beef, veal), chicken, turkey and unique dishes from freshwater fish. You will be offered to refresh yourself with beer, juice, coffee or tea. We as well have a wide range of wines and other beverages.

“KIUBETE” – restaurant of traditional karaites’ cuisine

Trakų g. 2D, Trakai LT-21105, Lithuania
Phone: 8 528 59160, Mob.: +370 686 39740

Restaurant “Kiubete”, situated in a lovely place near Totoriškės lake, is a popular place with tourists as well as local residents who want to enjoy traditional dishes of karaims cuisine such as kibinai and karaims stew. Restaurant “Kiubete” is also the only place in Trakai which offers KIUBETE® – a Karaite pie. To suite everybody‘s taste, KIUBETE® can be prepared with more than twelve different fillings such as various types of meat, fish, cheese, mushrooms, etc. Those who like sweet dishes can try KIUBETE® filled with fresh cherries or other fruit.