Historical dates

50 Litas coin issued to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the settling down of Karaims and Tatars in Lithuania. A fragment of this design is used as symbol in this website.

Designed by Vladas Vildžiūnas,1997.

The most important dates in the history of Lithuanian Karaims:

1397-1398 – the beginning of settlements in Lithuania (Trakai).
1441 – Lithuanian Karaims were given the rights of self-government. Since then the community elected the leader, who was in charge of its inner life and represented its interests at sovereign, administration and inhabitants.
1528 – first hymns in Karaim language were published in prayer book.
1690 – the professor of Upsala University in Sweden Gustav Peringer (1651-1710) sent by his country’s King Karl XI, made special trip to Lithuania and was the first who paid attention to Karaim ethnic and linguistic originality.
1710 – in Lithuania was epidemic plague, extremely big number of Karaims died.
19th cent. mid. – Karaim Spiritual Board was founded in Trakai
1932 – the Society of Lovers of Karaim Literature and History was founded in Vilnius
1936 – a law was announced, regulating legal status of Karaim religious community in the state
1949 – Karaim kenesa was closed in Vilnius.
1970 – Karaim kenesa in Panevėžys was destroyed.
1988 – Karaim cultural community in Lithuania was established.
1989 – first international Karaim Congress took place in Trakai
1992 – Karaim community as the traditional one existed since XIV cent. was given the status of juridical person and settled its residence in Vilnius.
1993 – Karaim kenesa in Vilnius was restored and reconsecrated.
1997 – celebration of 600th anniversary of Karaim and Tatar first settlements in Lithuania.