About us

At present, two organisations of Lithuanian Karaims having legal status and unifying all the Karaims of Lithuania are executing their activities:

  1. The Religious Community of Lithuanian Karaims – one of the nine state-recognised traditional religious communities, is legally a successor of the Karaim religious community that existed in Lithuania since the end of 14th century. Its governing structure consists of the General Meeting of the Community, the Spiritual Board and the Community Board. Traditionally, Chairman of the Community is the Highest Priest. The Community is a self-governing and independent body from the spiritual authorities and public powers of other countries.
  2. Society of Lithuanian Karaim Culture – is executing its activities since the year of 1988. Its governing structure consists of the General Members’ Meeting and the Board elected by the Meeting. The Board elects the President. 

Both of these communities are non-profit organisations. Their members are not paying any membership fees. The Community cannot suffice itself and often is supported by the State, other donors, and, sometimes, by the contributions of its members.